FC & MULTIPATH !? (any hope?)

FC & MULTIPATH !? (any hope?)

Post by Lars Marowsky-Bre » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 16:10:06

On 2002-01-17T15:36:54,

Quote:> Probable enhancements to this would include, provideing a method to mark
> a path to not attempt this crude form of auto recovery and a way to mark
> a failed path as good.  Finally a device wide flag to disable
> auto-recovery.

> A disadvantage to this approach is that it would potentially, multiply
> the amount or time it takes to ultimately fail the attempt, by the
> number of paths.  This would seem to be acceptable since the alternative
> is to fail the operation when a good route might exist.

> I would appreciate any thoughts, flames, or suggestions.

Combined with the enhancements this makes a lot of sense.

The enhancements are very much required, especially the way to mark a path as
good again manually.

I would also liks easily parseable /proc file to query the status of a
multi-path device, including all paths associated with it.


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