1/2 Initialization Ordering For Built-in Modules

1/2 Initialization Ordering For Built-in Modules

Post by Rusty Russel » Wed, 11 Sep 2002 18:10:07

This is Kai's patch to add KBUILD_MODNAME to define the name of the
module currently being built.  This is needed for 2/2.

Name: KBUILD_MODNAME define for build system
Author: Kai Germaschewski
Status: Tested on 2.5.34

D: This patch adds a -DKBUILD_MODNAME to the kernel compile, which
D: contains the base of the module name which is being built.
D: - Some sreorganization of the c_flags since they're needed for
D:   generating modversions (.ver) and compiling
D: - Use the right KBUILD_MODNAME also when the user just wants a .i/.s/.lst
D:   file for debugging and also when generating modversions
D: - It looks like with your current approach you can't have a ',' or '-' in
D:   KBUILD_MODNAME - however, that means that KBUILD_MODNAME is not quite
D:   right for passing module parameters for built-in modules on the command
D:   line, it would be confusing to pass parameters for ide-cd as
D:   ide_cd.foo=whatever. So that part could use a little more thought.
D: - If you think your module_names trick makes a noticable difference, feel
D:   free to re-add it.
D: - It's possible that objects are linked into more than one module - I
D:   suppose this shouldn't be a problem, since these objects hopefully
D:   don't have a module_init() nor do they export symbols. Not sure if your
D:   patch did handle this.
D: --Kai

===== Rules.make 1.68 vs edited =====
--- 1.68/Rules.make     Mon Jul 29 14:55:41 2002

 multi-used-y := $(filter-out $(list-multi),$(__multi-used-y))
 multi-used-m := $(filter-out $(list-multi),$(__multi-used-m))

+multi-used   := $(multi-used-y) $(multi-used-m)
 # Build list of the parts of our composite objects, our composite
 # objects depend on those (obviously)
 multi-objs-y := $(foreach m, $(multi-used-y), $($(m:.o=-objs)))
 multi-objs-m := $(foreach m, $(multi-used-m), $($(m:.o=-objs)))

+multi-objs   := $(multi-objs-y) $(multi-objs-m)
 # $(subdir-obj-y) is the list of objects in $(obj-y) which do not live
 # in the local directory

 # contain a comma

+# These flags are needed for modversions and compiling, so we define them here
+# already
+# $(modname_flags) #defines KBUILD_MODNAME as the name of the module it will
+# end up in (or would, if it gets compiled in)
+# Note: It's possible that one object gets potentially linked into more
+#       than one module. In that case KBUILD_MODNAME will be set to foo_bar,
+#       where foo and bar are the name of the modules.
+basename_flags = -DKBUILD_BASENAME=$(subst $(comma),_,$(subst -,_,$(*F)))
+modname_flags  = -DKBUILD_MODNAME=$(subst $(comma),_,$(subst -,_,$(modname)))
+c_flags        = -Wp,-MD,$(depfile) $(CFLAGS) $(NOSTDINC_FLAGS) \
+                $(modkern_cflags) $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS_$(*F).o) \
+                $(basename_flags) $(modname_flags) $(export_flags)
+# Finds the multi-part object the current object will be linked into
+modname-multi = $(subst $(space),_,$(strip $(foreach m,$(multi-used),\
+               $(if $(filter $(*F).o,$($(m:.o=-objs))),$(m:.o=)))))
 # We're called for one of three purposes:
 # o fastdep: build module version files (.ver) for $(export-objs) in

 $(addprefix $(MODVERDIR)/,$(real-objs-y:.o=.ver)): modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_KERNEL)
 $(addprefix $(MODVERDIR)/,$(real-objs-m:.o=.ver)): modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_MODULE)
 $(addprefix $(MODVERDIR)/,$(export-objs:.o=.ver)): export_flags   := -D__GENKSYMS__
+# Default for not multi-part modules
+modname = $(*F)

-c_flags = -Wp,-MD,$(depfile) $(CFLAGS) $(NOSTDINC_FLAGS) \
-         $(modkern_cflags) $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS_$(*F).o) \
-         -DKBUILD_BASENAME=$(subst $(comma),_,$(subst -,_,$(*F))) \
-         $(export_flags)
+$(addprefix $(MODVERDIR)/,$(multi-objs:.o=.ver)) : modname = $(modname-multi)

 # Our objects only depend on modversions.h, not on the individual .ver

 $(real-objs-m)        : modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_MODULE)
 $(real-objs-m:.o=.i)  : modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_MODULE)
+$(real-objs-m:.o=.s)  : modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_MODULE)
 $(real-objs-m:.o=.lst): modkern_cflags := $(CFLAGS_MODULE)

 $(export-objs:.o=.s)  : export_flags   := $(EXPORT_FLAGS)
 $(export-objs:.o=.lst): export_flags   := $(EXPORT_FLAGS)

-c_flags = -Wp,-MD,$(depfile) $(CFLAGS) $(NOSTDINC_FLAGS) \
-         $(modkern_cflags) $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS_$(*F).o) \
-         -DKBUILD_BASENAME=$(subst $(comma),_,$(subst -,_,$(*F))) \
-         $(export_flags)
+# Default for not multi-part modules
+modname = $(*F)
+$(multi-objs)         : modname = $(modname-multi)
+$(multi-objs:.o=.i)   : modname = $(modname-multi)
+$(multi-objs:.o=.s)   : modname = $(modname-multi)
+$(multi-objs:.o=.lst) : modname = $(modname-multi)

 quiet_cmd_cc_s_c = CC     $(echo_target)

diff -urpN --exclude TAGS -X /home/rusty/devel/kernel/kernel-patches/current-dontdiff --minimal .1187-linux-2.5.34/net/unix/af_unix.c .1187-linux-2.5.34.updated/net/unix/af_unix.c
--- .1187-linux-2.5.34/net/unix/af_unix.c       2002-08-28 09:29:55.000000000 +1000

  *               with BSD names.

+#undef unix    /* KBUILD_MODNAME */
 #include <linux/module.h>
 #include <linux/config.h>
 #include <linux/kernel.h>

  Anyone who quotes me in their sig is an idiot. -- Rusty Russell.
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