Strange ISDN Problems with 2.4

Strange ISDN Problems with 2.4

Post by Patrick Boettche » Sun, 16 Dec 2001 04:26:04


I shortly describe my Situation:
I'm a student, who helps schools to get along with their PCs.

Following problem: The schools are connected to the Internet by using ISDN.
In one school I decided to install two servers one as fileserver and the
other for internet. After installing the 2.4 kernel the internetserver
always stopped working (silent) after having been run for 2 or 3 days. At
first I thought, it depends on defect hardware, but when I installed another
school with another two server and the same problem on the internet server
appears I wasn't sure. Of course the admin isn't there, when the system
crashes. But then, one day, I made "isdnctrl dial ippp0" (which is normally
done by default route) and the system stops, no "kernel panic", no message
in logs, nothing! So what can I do? downgrade to 2.2 , another school, where
a 2.2.18 is runnig is still alive: "8:21pm  up 141 days,  6:52".
Thanks for every advice.

best regards



1. Strange problem with 2.4.x kernel

I'm writing first time to you, so let me say HELLO !

I installed Slackware 8.0 month ago, it is my firewall with NAT (iptables).
I have two kernels: 2.2.19 and 2.4.5 - this is my default kernel.
Everything went fine but three days ago I tried to compile some 2.4.x kernel (2.4.0, 2.4.4, 2.4.5, ...., 2.4.12, 2.4.16).
I went to and got some kernels (zipped and bzipped)
(transfered in BINARY mode, not ASCII).
So the problem is:
When I tried to gunzip or bunzip2 any ftp'd kernel I got terrible ;) message:

invalid compressed data: CRC-ERROR

...whats going on, I thought...

I know that it is possible to broke archives by ftp'd in ASCII mode, but as I
said I ftp's kernels in BINARY mode, so it isn't the reason.
I have some kernels on cdrom's and I got the same problem during trying gunzip or bunzip2 kernel (2.4.x).
I tested to gunzip or bunzip2 2.2.x kernels
(from cdrom or ftp'd in binary mode) and everything works fine.
So, it is possible that any 2.4.x kernel is broken ?
I'm sure that isn't !

So, I tried to find some information about CRC-ERROR's by google, so I found
only that it could be caused by ftp'd archies in ASCII mode.
Other tip was that there could be a problem with CMD640
chipset/controller etc.
...I'm not so experienced user and I'm very confused ;)))

I found on some programm writen by Jean-loup Gailly called fixgz
( and some explanation about CRC ERROR's, I tried avery
Gailly's advice but it still doesn't work. I can't gunzip any kernel 2.4.x .

I found in man's that it could be a problem with checksum, so I run sum  
for ftp'd kernel archive and for  the same archive after fixgz'd and sum's
was really different but fixgz'd doesn't help - doesn't fix these archives.

So, I make every try under my 2.4.5 and 2.2.19 kernel - no positive result.

I haven't any idea where to looking for any bug, any solution, any information how to fix it.

Please, help me and explain what may be broken in my system.
How to try to fix it ?

I'll be very thankful.

Best regards

Mateusz Loskot

GG#: 792434
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