aic7* claims all checked EISA io ranges (was: [MAILER-DAEMON@rumms

aic7* claims all checked EISA io ranges (was: [MAILER-DAEMON@rumms

Post by Chuck Ebber » Thu, 10 Apr 2003 13:50:07

> what was the point of that response?

  I don't know; maybe that Justin might have to find a different way of
making sure his code gets maintained properly.

Quote:>the issue is not cut-and-dry.  Justin doesn't actively participate
>in lkml, and so is often left out of the loop because people don't
>think to cc him on changes.

  I found the missing fix I posted by going through the 2.4.20 patch and
checking the changes against the code from Justins website.

 I am not a number!
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