predictable IP ID in 2.4?

predictable IP ID in 2.4?

Post by Jeremy Hanse » Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:30:11

Can someone explain to me the predictable IP ID problem and also explain
to me whether it exists in 2.4.x?


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1. ipfw (IP Firewall), proxy and IP routing on Solaris 2.4

Hi all,

I recently got a SS2, and I'd like to use it for PPP dialup using a modem, as
well as for IP routing/forwarding for the other machines I have, like a
router/proxy server.

I'm looking for a utility that is similar to ipfw/ipfwadm, which is available
for BSD and Linux. ipfw can "masquerade" the IP packets, so it can act as a
proxy server.

If anybody know of such tool/utility, please let me know where I can obtain



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