Add small C99 named initializers to fs/bio.c

Add small C99 named initializers to fs/bio.c

Post by Art Haa » Thu, 13 Feb 2003 06:00:25


This trivial patch adds C99 named initializers to the file. Doing so
reduces a couple of compile warnings if '-W' is added.

Art Haas

===== fs/bio.c 1.37 vs edited =====
--- 1.37/fs/bio.c       Fri Jan 10 23:06:28 2003

  * unsigned short

-#define BV(x) { x, "biovec-" #x }
+#define BV(x) { .nr_vecs = x, .name = "biovec-" #x }
 static struct biovec_pool bvec_array[BIOVEC_NR_POOLS] = {
        BV(1), BV(4), BV(16), BV(64), BV(128), BV(BIO_MAX_PAGES),
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