Use platform builder 4.1 for pocket pc 2002

Use platform builder 4.1 for pocket pc 2002

Post by Chris Tacke, eMV » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 04:46:42

No.  Use eVC 3.0.

Chris Tacke, eMVP
Windows CE Product Manager
Applied Data Systems

Quote:> Can I use the Windows ce Platform Builder 4.1 for develope
> my device driver on Pocket Pc 2002?

> Thanks


1. iPAQ serial download service problem (Platform Builder 4.1)


I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight to my conundrum.
In short,
I cannot get my iPAQ 3870 to speak to my PC using serial
communications in Platform Builder 4.1.  Interestingly enough,
ActiveSync communicates perfectly using the same com1 and serial

Here are the specifics:

iPAQ: 3870, SA1110

compaq deskpro
win200 professional
Platform Builder 4.1

serial, com1

Thanks In Advance

The kernel debugger just reports that it is waiting to connect with

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