PPC Windows Media Player SDK integration

PPC Windows Media Player SDK integration

Post by Huo Xin » Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:59:09

I am trying to write application based on Pocket PC 2002
I faced problem when trying to integrate it into my MFC
The example provided is in WIN32. The CMediaBookmarker
class is defined as
class CMediaBookmarker :
        public CWindowImpl<CMediaBookmarker, CWindow,
        public CComObjectRootEx<CComSingleThreadModel>,
        public _IWMPEvents

It looks like the CMediaBookmarker is based on CWindow
class. It is not an CFrameWnd class. I can't make it to
show properly in my application.

Is there any common way to follow to define an CDialog  
or CFrameWnd with WMP inside it?

your suggestion is highly appreciated.

Huo Xing


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Hi People,

I have just scanned the Microsoft web pages to try and shred some light on a
problem that I have got, and I found this news group and am hoping that someone
can help!

I have a problem in which am hoping one of you out there can help me with. The
scenerio in which am in is as follows.

I have managed to packaged some media files up and from there I have been able to
play them on my PC without any bother but when I try to play them on my iPaq with
WLAN facility I cant do it - why?? I have created a link on a web page to a
packaged file and it works on my PC directly without a problem but NOT my iPaq
with WLAN why?? The error I get on there is "cannot open 'mms://<ip
address>/<<name of file>.asf'. Please verify that path and filename are correct
and try again". I have wrapped the original .asf file up with a .asx script file
that is lying on a web server (the protected file is on the web server)......

Why is this happening and can anyone help me out?? I am really wondering why and
if there is a fix or something am missing....please help!!

I have the current player off the microsoft web site that supports streaming
media aswell (Windows media player for pocket PC v.


Helen Pringle

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