Sync'ing Contacts, Calendar, notes, tasks question(s) on 2 machines

Sync'ing Contacts, Calendar, notes, tasks question(s) on 2 machines

Post by Dave » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:27:23

Hello all,

Just a dumb one, I am sure this has been asked in the past but, not sure on
how to search for details. Let's just say "info" is Contacts, Calendar data,
notes and tasks. I am using the newest version of Activesync on one machine
(going to install it and configure this if I can get this to work right).

I am a advanced Outlook user and use Outlook 2000 on the computer at work
and Outlook XP on the personal machine.

PocketPC: iPAQ 3600
Computer 1: Personal machine w/ personal "info" at home/small business on
Computer 2: Computer at work w/business "info" on Exchange

I want all the "info" on my iPAQ but, don't want all the "info" from my
personal machine on my business machine and the same way the other way. I
want all this info on my iPAQ but, I don't need work stuff on my personal
machine or need my personal stuff on my work machine.

I want the machines to be different but, all the "info" on my iPAQ so, when
I sync with each machine, it adds the info to the iPAQ  but, knows what is
what, so if I sync it, it will update the data on my home machine or work
machine with modifications on the item that was created on that machine.

Know what I mean ? and can this be done with out major work every time I
sync ?

Thanks in advance !


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