Req Help Ipaq 3835

Req Help Ipaq 3835

Post by Pladi » Sat, 14 Dec 2002 22:34:43

Hi, Ihave a n Ipaq 3835  pocketpc 2002 with a ambicom cf56m-ez modem.
The Ipaq recognizes the modem easily, how ever getting it to connect
to the internet thru windows is a pain. Does anybody know of a good
easy dialer that i can use to easily connect to the

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Hello I have an Ipaq 3835 with a compact Flash 56k modem card. The
Ipaq recognizes the modem instantly, but getting it to dial my
internert connection is a pain. Can anybody recommend a simple modem
dialer that works with Pockpc 2002 so that I can connect to the
internet and read my e-mail?Thanks in advance.................

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