mail from Casio E125 inbox

mail from Casio E125 inbox

Post by Odd Stoltz Johanse » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 04:00:58

Hope sombody is able to help me?
I try to send mail from my Casio E125 from inbox
I use POP3.
I select the e-mail address from contact, or write the address direct inn.
But when I try to send, I get this message: "Error sending message A
recipient mail address is not valid
Please verify all recipient addresses"
I'm able to get mail from server.
 Thank you for all help!

Best regards
Odd Stoltz Johansen


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I would like some help on an annoying problem I have with Inbox on my pocketpc.  
Whenever I start the Inbox application I receive the following message

"mail attachments were not found. Check to make sure the correct storage card is
in the device ---  Retry  Cancel"

After pressing cancel Inbox works fine.  I then go into Tools / Options / Storage
and uncheck the store attachments on storage card.

If I then close the Inbox application and start it again I receive the same
message again. And in the Tools / Options / Storage the store attachments on
storage card will be checked again.

Although this is fairly trivial it is driving me crazy.  Does anybody have any
solutions to this



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