ANN: ezyUnZIP 1.5 - it's free!

ANN: ezyUnZIP 1.5 - it's free!

Post by CNet » Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:35:02

CNetX has released version 1.5 of ezyUnZIP, the free UnZIP utility for
Pocket PC devices.

The latest release includes performance optimizations, enhanced look and
feel for Pocket PC 2002, ClearType support and it is now available both in
English and German.

Get your free copy here:

Hope you enjoy it!


1. ANN: ezyUnZIP 1.10 (it's FREE!)

ezyUnZIP, the FREE UnZIP utility for Pocket PC and HPC devices, is now at
version 1.10.

The latest version includes:
- support for file extraction and infrared send in a single pass;
- new user options and preferences;
- improved memory handling;
- enhanced setup logic.

As requested by some readers in this newsgroup, direct device installation
is now supported.

The ezyUnZIP Team

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