ANN:PPCNewz update available

ANN:PPCNewz update available

Post by Stev » Wed, 30 May 2001 11:01:44


I've just posted PPCNewz v1.6 to my web
site. This includes some new features, including 'read all' and the ability to review/edit/remove posts before they are synched to the news server.

Also includes bug fix for Norweigen & German users.

Please download from the URL below; and as always all feedback is welcomed!


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1. ANN:PPCNewz 1.5 available - upgrade recommended!


I've just posted a new version (1.5) of PPCNewz (my freeware offline newsreader) to

There's no new functionality in this version, but it includes an important bug fix. All previous versions would leave hundreds (or even thousands) of small files lying around. This is fixed, and v1.5 will also clean up any left around from previous versions. I'd recommend that all users of previous versions upgrade.

Sorry for the delay in fixing this - several people reported this a few weeks ago, but I was in S.America on a business trip - without my development PC. You cant imagine how frustrating that was!


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