MS Sync 3.5 vs 3.6

MS Sync 3.5 vs 3.6

Post by Scott Millike » Sun, 12 Jan 2003 13:52:51

What is the difference and is worth the upgrade?



MS Sync 3.5 vs 3.6

Post by Todd Ogasawar » Sun, 12 Jan 2003 17:11:09

The changes are documented on the download page at...

The upgrade is free.
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Quote:> What is the difference and is worth the upgrade?

> Scott


1. Silent install of ActiveSync 3.5/3.6, preconfiguring a Partnership (on 3.5/3.6)

I am working to develop an automated install of ActiveSync.  This
install needs to be as silent as possible, and then in addition, I'd
really like to pre-configure a partnership in ActiveSync - I want to
deselect everything except Favorites and I'd like to select Files.

First issue: Silent Install.  Well, the Ipaq I have for the purposes
of testing (you would not believe how many times now I've reset the
damn thing back to square one) came with a CD that had ActiveSync 3.5
on it.  I have been able to fairly easily setup Active Sync 3.5 to
install silently (using the method in the MS Knowledgebase article:;en-us;313301 )
That seems to work well.
On the other hand, I have downloaded ActiveSync 3.6.  It comes in a
compressed-self expanding file - msasync.exe.  Using Winzip, I can
expand it out to work in a file, but it doesn't include the same
folder structure as the 3.5 install off the CD, and in fact it fails
on my attempt to install silently, offering up an error message that
it is missing components in the "sys" folder.  That folder exists in
the 3.5 install off the Compaq CD, but not in the expanded folder of
the AS 3.6 install.
Does anyone know how to make AS3.6 install silently in a nice manner?
Here's why I ask...

Second issue: pre-setting up a partnership
We are (in all likelihood) deploying another package - Pumatech's
Intellisync for the synchronization of Lotus data.  I do not want to
use ActiveSync for anything else other than files and favorites.
Does anyone know how to do this in an automated fashion? Is it an .ini
file, or a settings file, or a registry key?  Yes, I am going to
investigate this myself, I've got the tools, I am just hoping I don't
have to reinvent the wheel, and someone has gone before and done what
I want.
To summarize, I want to:

1. Install ActiveSync silently (I've got some of this down but for
2. Pre-configure (with no user input) a standard partnership, or at
the least, choose what "conduits" or "channels" to synchronize
3. Install Enterprise Intellisync with pre-deployed synch settings
(this is very easy with their Enterprise tool, I've got this working

Thanks to anyone who can provide me with input!

Lyman Green

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