Restrict user access to PocketPC features ?

Restrict user access to PocketPC features ?

Post by Rob » Thu, 01 Aug 2002 22:16:09

How could I prevent users from gaining access to settings
and programs on PocketPC. My app uses SHFullScreen() with
SHFS_HIDESTARTICON to disable the "start menu", but this
only works if my app is on top.

When the SIP->Options... applet is selected, it goes on
top and the "start menu" is available again. Also, when
ActiveSync activates, it goes on top and enables
the "start menu".

Is there a recommended way to restict access to certain
PocketPC features/programs?


1. Restrict user access to PocketPC Features ?

Is there a recommended way to restrict user access to the PocketPC O/S. I
want users to only be able to use my application and not be able to
accidentally change settings, delete files, play games etc.

So far I have implemented all of my apps running on the system with the code
to hide the "Start Icon".
i.e. SHFullScreen(m_hWnd, SHFS_HIDESTARTICON);

This seems to work, except if the user somehow runs a program that I have
not written (like the "Options" applet from the SIP.

I am sure there must be a better way to accomplish the desired result. Is
there ?

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