My ipaq tries to load jpg's instead of bmp's

My ipaq tries to load jpg's instead of bmp's

Post by dan » Tue, 24 Oct 2000 04:00:00

in my program i try to load up a .bmp but it always opens up a system .jpg
file "wp2.jpg"
It does not matter what .bmp i try open, it always opens or tries to
open "wp2.jpg" And "wp2.jpg" can not be deleted

Please e-mail me.


1. ipaq 3835 won't view jpg's

Although my 3835 was viewing jpg files just fine, I wanted some greater word
processor file viewing ability, and installed Quick View Plus from the
Compaq CD.  A little use of it showed me I didn't like how it handled itself
and I uninstalled it.  Since then, I can't view jpg files on the 3835 - just
get an error message that says "there is no application associated with
(filename).  Run the application first, then open the file from within the
application."  Help!  Post reply or email please.

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