ANN: Log Your Protest At iPAQ Upgrade Stance

ANN: Log Your Protest At iPAQ Upgrade Stance

Post by Kevin Te » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 21:49:16

Reading comments here and other bulletin boards there is considerable anger and frustration at the
stance taken by Compaq in stopping the sale of the iPAQ PocketPC 2002 upgrade in Europe.

Those people who had been bitten by the 1.77 ROM upgrade last year and who were exercising caution
before paying for the upgrade can no longer obtain a copy.

Those people who bought 3600 series in December and January in the well-versed belief that Compaq iPAQs
were upgradable have found otherwise.

Compaq's nonsensical decision to halt sales in Europe is playing into the hands of the Warez community.

If you want to register your protest, PDA Pro is collecting emails which will gauge the strength of
feeling in this matter. Just go and register your protest now!




1. ANN: iPAQ UpGradee Protest - Read Your Comments

As expected, the protest against the stopping of the iPAQ PocketPC
2002 upgrade has drawn a large response, not only from across Europe
but also from places such as South America so it seems that
disillusionment with Compaq is widespread.

Read some of the many comments at and
this page will be updated regularly as protests continue to come in.

PDA Pro also has exclusive news of new text/speech products from Fonix
that will make your PDA sit up and talk, plus in depth reviews of
TomTom CityMaps and TomTom RoutePlanner.


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