Terminal Server

Terminal Server

Post by Alexander Van Deuse » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 07:37:38

I am interested in running Goldmine5 via terminal server or Citrix
Metaframe.  I understand that Citrix currently has a client for Pocket PC.
I also understand that you can modify existing terminal server to work on
the Pocket PC's

Is anyone using their IPAQ or other Handheld with Terminal Server.  If so
what is your experience with low bandwith connections and accessing a
database. If anyone is using Goldmine great.  I would love to hear feedback.


1. Client software for PocketPC to connect to Windows Terminal Server

Go to www.pocketpc.com and download the Terminal Server client for the HPC.
Then follow these directions

From: Carlos Alayo
Windows CE OEM Support.
1) Put your Pocket PC in its cradle
2) Run the installer for the terminal server client
3) The installer will fail but CAB files will exist on your PC in the following
C:\Program Files\Windows CE Services\Terminal Server Client for Windows CE,
Handheld PC Edition
4) Now just copy the .CAB file to your Pocket PC that is for your
processor(MIPS = Casio, SH3 = HP, Arm = iPaq, MIPS = Aero).
5) Using the Windows Explorer program on your pocket pc, click on the .CAB
file to start the install process.
6) You will be warned that the program isn't for your OS, just tell it to
7) Thats it!
When you connect to a 2000 server, it will even open a special 320x240 desktop
on your Pocket PC.
Note the cab created the shortcut in the wrong location. Use file explorer
to move the shortcuts from \windows\programs to \windows\start menu\programs.
Then the shortcuts would show up as expected in the programs folder on the

Ed Hansberry, MS MVP/PPC
Posting wirelessly!

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