Pocket PC Developer Network. Wish list

Pocket PC Developer Network. Wish list

Post by Vassili Philippo » Tue, 02 Oct 2001 21:07:25

Pocket PC Developer Network will be glad to publish articles that are
interesting for Pocket

Here is a "wish list". Nevertheless it is only some ideas of what will
be interesting. If you have other ideas they are welcome.

1. Recording .wav sound using waveIn... Functions.
2. Playing MP3 files in a program.
3. Playing custom sound (continuously playing, playing several .wav
files simultaneously).
4. Working with language depended folders on Pocket PC.
5. Writing custom Web Browser using Pocket Internet Explorer engine.
6. Writing ActiveSync provider. Debugging.
7. Writing custom Input method.

Questions and Answers
1. How can I register my program to run at certain time?
2. Can I embed Windows Media Player into my application?
3. How can I quickly add a lot of records to the ListView control?
4. Is it possible to add my button to the Pocket Internet Explorer
5. Why my application is not shown in the list of running programs?

Vassili Philippov
MS-MVP Mobile Devices
Pocket PC Developer Network coordinator


1. New article at Pocket PC Developer Network - Testing programs on Pocket PC

Pocket PC Developer Network has published new article.

"Testing programs on Pocket PC"

If the program is not tested it does not work. Good developers understand
that testing is needed. Experienced developers demand testing. What is
specific about testing Pocket PC programs? This article describes the
experience of Pocket PC Testing Center.

Vassili Philippov
MS-MVP Mobile Devices

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