Activesync, WiFI, GPRS - unconfuse me!

Activesync, WiFI, GPRS - unconfuse me!

Post by Paul A. Loui » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:07:14

Hi all,
I've been using CE devices for years and an iPAQ 3870 for about a year yet I
cannot fathom this Connection Settings stuff.  Take this as a public
admission of probable stupidity assisted by that poor struggling IT company
(read: Microsoft) who can't afford any written documentation :-)

I have the following:
* iPAQ 3870 ROM 2.20 EUU3 installed
    * PCMCIA Expansion jacket
    * Netgear MA401 installed as Compaq WL100
    * Using WEP encryption
* Host PC running XP Pro SP1
    * Activesync 3.6 installed and working OK
* Ericsson T39 GSM/GPRS Phone
* ADSL link in my home office, and a NetGear MR314 switch/WiFi hub
    * DHPC etc via .Net Server
* Two IMAP accounts with extenal servers and One Hotmail account.

I have GPRS up and running on the Phone and also configured as a
"Connection" on the iPAQ - I use this for email and occaisonal (read RARE)
browsing (we pay $24 per Mb down here in Oz!)

* Email works fine on the road as I have each account setup to dial the GPRS
* In the office it works fine using pass-through when I am connecting via

Now here is my problem:

(1) I want to be able to connect to my email servers when roaming in the
home/office/backyard :-) via WiFi but the iPAQ always seems to want to dial
the GPRS account.

Furthermore the iPAQ still wants to dial GPRS when I am on WiFi even when I
establish an Activesync over WiFi connection persistently in the background
... I would have thought this would function the same as the passthrough
when cradled on USB.

(2) I can't seem to configure the Work settings to allow Internet
Connection - it refuses to retain the setting and reverts each time.  I
guess I can use a proxy setting but don't have one locally and don't think
my ISP uses one.  I don't want to setup Squid just for this!

(3) Is there something anywhere that explains exactly how this apparently
overly complex Connection Settings stuff is supposed to work?

I've always thought it should work like this:

* If Ethernet available (direct or passthrough) use that i.e Work Setting
with Internet Access checked.
* If no network connection available,  as above, use any dialup setting
specified under Internet Setting
* If unable to connect via generic Internet Setting, use account specific
setting in email settings.

Obviously I am missing something(s)!

Any assistance - even an RTFM with a pointer to the FM would be great.  I
seem to be failing the PocketPC IQ test!



1. WiFi Activesync Toubleshooting Help Needed

I ran through Chris DeHerrara's fantastic 802.11 Wireless LAN
Configuration and associated FAQ's and still cannot sync with my
desktop or use Pocket IE.  (Note: I cross posted this on his message
board and then discovered this forum).

Funny thing is, I CAN check my outlook IMAP email account!  I have
spent hours trying to figure this out on my own.  Any suggestions
would be much appreciated.

I will first summarize my current configuration and then comment
regarding all the troubleshooting steps that I took:

Linksys Wireless AP -> Linksys Router <- DESKTOP <- PPC

- IPAQ 39xx running PC 2002
- Compaq 802.11b CF card with latest driver.
- Set to obtain IP automatically.  Set WINS to IP of my PC.  The card
see the AP and has an "excellent" connection.
- Connection Manager: All set to "Work"

- Client for MS Networks Installed
- Have synced with PPC via USB several times before.
- Activesync option to allow Ethernet/network access checked


- I can ping the desktop IP and Gateway IP.
- A lookup of the desktop IP shows my desktop PC's host name.  
- I can ping
- I can check my IMAP4 email via outlook on my PPC.  When I do a
"Send/Receive", I see the activity lights blink on my 802.11b card
(the only time I see the activity lights).
- I can not access from Pocket IE (no response at all
when I enter URL
- I can not connect to the desktop using activesync

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