Wanted: beta testers for real-time streaming financial app!

Wanted: beta testers for real-time streaming financial app!

Post by HCTec » Sat, 09 Nov 2002 01:51:28

HillCast Technologies is looking for beta testers of its
real-time streaming financial application, MidCast, on the
Pocket PC. Please note that Midcast runs only on Pocket PC


1. AI app beta testers wanted - free registration

PocketAI Digital Mind Assistant v. 1.0
is a decision wizard that turns your PDA into
an artificial intelligence thinking machine using
boolean and fuzzy logic. Now you have a
decision helper useful in a variety of decision
making situations such as personal decisions,
buying decisions, etc.

We will be giving away free registration code
to beta testers for a limited time.

Download your copy at:


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