Pocket PC Developer Network - new version

Pocket PC Developer Network - new version

Post by Vassili Philippo » Wed, 14 May 2003 18:04:29


Pocket PC Developer Network website is updated:

There are a lot of new things that we hope you will like. Here are some of
* About 300 new articles are indexed
* All broken links are restored (thx to MSDN, all KB links where broken)
* Navigation is changed. Section menu is added to all pages
* Articles, QAs and samples and merged
* Controls and libraries are merged
* There is a separate page for each library
* Each article has a printer friendly version now
* There is information about 11 new books
* Books are grouped by technology now
* Articles are grouped by sections not by publishing date
* Libraries are grouped by sections
* Search is added to each page
* There are Pocket PC developer related news on the main page
* There are 4 new sections (Control Panel, .NET CF, Password Protection and

Vassili Philippov
MS-MVP Mobile Devices


1. New article at Pocket PC Developer Network - Testing programs on Pocket PC

Pocket PC Developer Network has published new article.

"Testing programs on Pocket PC"

If the program is not tested it does not work. Good developers understand
that testing is needed. Experienced developers demand testing. What is
specific about testing Pocket PC programs? This article describes the
experience of Pocket PC Testing Center.

Vassili Philippov
MS-MVP Mobile Devices

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