Can't detect the device on COM ports

Can't detect the device on COM ports

Post by Pete » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 02:42:40


I've just installed my new pc. Unfortunately, the my iPaq
3630 and Active Sync 3.5 can't find each other. I'm using
the COM1 port. Can anybody help?

Thank you for your help.....



1. active sync failure to 'detect device' (i.e. ipaq) in USB cradle

I have:
    - Microsoft ME
    - Microsoft Active Sync 3.1 or 3.5
    - ipaq H3130
    - USB cradle
I've read:
    - "Cannot Synchronize Compaq iPAQ PocketPC By Using ActiveSync 3.1 Over
a USB Connection (Q274182)"
    - various Active Sync connection trouble shooter pages
I am:
    - getting nowhere

Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.


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