ANN: Pocket Innovations Pocket Database 1.5 released

ANN: Pocket Innovations Pocket Database 1.5 released

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 Pocket Innovations- Powerful applications for a portable world.
Updated Release History

Version 1.5

-Added the ability to add and delete records

-Usability increased

-Minor bug fixes

-NOTICE-Runtime files not included

Version 1.0

-Initial Release

This version of Pocket Database delivers the capability to view and edit
your Pocket Access database files. Without Pocket Database, you will be
unable to view your important files.  Many more features, such as the
ability to create/delete new databases and tables, are on the horizon. The
speed of development is dependent on the amount of interest and the feedback

Pocket Innovations is dedicated to serving its customers and will address
any concerns brought to our attention. We will do our best to give you the
programs that do what you want, how you want them, at the speed you want.

any comments, concerns and recommendations.

Pocket Innovations would like to inform everyone that as more functions
(such as adding/deleting tables and databases) are included in Pocket
Database, the price will be slightly increased to compensate for the
increased development time.  The good news, however, is that those who
purchase Pocket Database now will NOT be required to pay an upgrade fee. All
future upgrades are free of charge, so early adopters get the same program
for less money, and they have it available for a longer period of time.

Please download the demo and/or purchase at



1. ANN: Pocket Innovations GraphIt 1.5 Released!!

Pocket Innovations -  Powerful applications for a portable world

GraphIt 1.5 has been released!  This new version contains many features and

- The equation parser has been totally redesigned, and is now far superior
to the one in version 1.0.  The powerful new parser allows graphing of more
complex functions, and fixes all known issues with version 1.0.  Besides
added power and stability, the equation parser now also supports more
functions and performs faster.

- New functions, including hyperbolic trigonometric functions, probability
functions, numeric functions, and miscellaneous functions (GCD, LCM) have
been added.
- Improvements to the interface, button layout, and fonts will make using
GraphIt easier and more enjoyable.
- GraphIt 1.5 is faster and more efficient, and numerous bugs have been
removed in all areas of GraphIt.  Try this powerful new version of GraphIt

At Pocket Innovations, we are dedicated to serving our customers and will
address any concerns brought to our attention. We will do our best to bring
you fast, efficient programs get the job done and increase your
productivity.  Although these are some of the main functions that we're
thinking of adding, we're open to suggestions.  Feel free to email us at

Please visit our website at, and while
you're there, buy GraphIt - the powerful new calculator for your Pocket PC.
Derek Perkins
General Manager
Pocket Innovations (
Powerful applications for a portable world

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