How to compile Platform Builder samples?

How to compile Platform Builder samples?

Post by Andrey A. Belki » Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:57:33

How to compile Platform Builder samples? Particularly I want to compile
FSD Spy filter
CF & PC Card ATA storage cards

I failed to build on the very first step - because environmental variables
are not set and I don't know how to set them all.

Also I'm wondering how to use this drivers (since they are dll) then. Am I
need to register them somehow?


1. iPAQ 3970 platform to use with Platform Builder


I am writing a network card driver for the iPAQ 3970.  I am using Platform
Builder 3.0 to compile my driver.  What is the platform I must use to compile
it.  I tried the ARM720 and the SA1100 and it does not seem to work.  Do I
have to use Platform Builder 4.0


Richard G.

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