T-Mobile USA GPRS & IE User/Password???

T-Mobile USA GPRS & IE User/Password???

Post by Bria » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 21:40:10

I accidentally nuked my connection to the T-Mobile GPRS and have been
rebuilding them. For the dial string I am using:

+0 ~GPRS!internet2.voicestream.com

But then IE shows a Username - Password - Domain box, does anyone know
what should go in there??

Many Thanks!!!


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I just purchased a Siemens S55 and I'm having a hard time
connecting my 5455 to T-Mobile's full internet GPRS
service with this phone as a modem.  I was using a T-68i
and my 5455 before and it was easy to set them up.  I
already know T-Mobile's APN (internet2.voicestream.com)
and their access number (*99***2#) but it's still not

Does anyone know how to setup the Siemens S55 to connect
to T-Mobile's full internet GPRS?  Pls help.  Thanks a
bunch in advance.

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