Solved Money Attention Required Activesync Problem

Solved Money Attention Required Activesync Problem

Post by Drew Aldridg » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 06:04:52

Hi there,

I have had the same problem that many of you have had with
getting the ATTENTION REQUIRED for Money upon sync.  I
just spent an hour this morning going through files and
deleting everything on both my desk pc and my pocket pc.  
One place to look is in windows on your pocket pc.  You
need to delete 2 files:
Windows/appmgr/Microsoft Money Sync Update for PocketPC.dat
Windows/appmgr/Microsoft Money Sync Update for PocketPC.dll

Once these 2 files were deleted, I was able to install the
Microsoft Money Update and sync up again.

Before I did this,  When I tried to remove micorosft money
in activesync it was still showing up as being on my
pocket pc.  After I did this I was able to install and
remove Money updat with no trace of it being there.  

I think that one of the main issues is installing the
Money Sync update over the top of a previous installation
instead of removing it first.

I know that i pulled my hair out for several days trying
to figure this out.



1. MS Money sync problem - "attention required" message

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me out here. I have had some luck, I've been using
Money 2001 with my Jornada without problems for some time. However recently
I had activesync reported that "attention required"

I did everything i could ... resync, delete partnership, sync with another
file, uninstalling pocket money update and reinstalling etc. etc.
and I still get "Attention required", it wouldn't even start the sync. I
look into the log file and found this:

05/23/2001 00:31:21      6E0 - {00000400} Loading Microsoft Money
synchronization service ...
05/23/2001 00:31:21      6E0 - {00000010} ERROR: CoCreateInstance( clsid,
NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IUnknown, (LPVOID *)&m_pStoreObj ) returned
0x8007045A, file: f:\xenarap\private\apps\conn\repl\wcesmgr\.\cesync.cpp,
line 2206
05/23/2001 00:31:21      6E0 - ERROR: Failed to create Microsoft Money
synchronization services, error: 0x8007045A
05/23/2001 00:31:21      6E0 - {00000010} ERROR returned in function
CStoreInfo::CreateInstance. hr: 0x8007045A

Anyone have any idea? Thanks so much.


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