Question to authors of PIE!

Question to authors of PIE!

Post by Anatoly Parae » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:16:39


I strongly need to add a custom item to

context menu of Pocket Internet Explorer 2002 (it should appear when a user
tap-and-holds on a hyperlink). MSDN says what this is possible
tml/ppc_snewpie.asp , bottom of topic). But there is no any topic about how
to implement such a feature.

I asked this question several times in newsgroups, but I still don't have
answers for it.

I know what I should add a key in registry in
(SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Shell/Extentions/ContextMenus/Pocket Internet
Explorer/Links), but I don't know which interfaces I should implement in a
COM-object pointed by this key.

I would be very thankful for any information related to this question. Is
this information available in some way?

 Anatoly Paraev


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I have read that Pocket PC 2000 and Pocket PC 2002 run
Windows CE 3.0 as their base OS, but I would like to know
if there are differences in PIE for say generic windows
ce 3.0 and Pocket Pc 2002.
PIE has gone through some changes from Pocket PC 2000 to
2002 - active x dll's need to be safe for scripting.  Can
I take for granted that Windows ce 3.0 PIE has javascript
functionality?  Also are there JVMs available for generic
3.0, could I take for granted that Jeode which works for
pocket pc would work in say a Ranger 200c..?

Thank you for your time

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