Please!! - Newbie needs help (Student)..

Please!! - Newbie needs help (Student)..

Post by Martin Sch?nwand » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 06:43:50

I have just started my final Engineering student project, and as a newbie in
programming WinCE (I have programmed some time now to Windows though!!) I
have some questions..

I have to develop an application for an iPaq, that shall show data from an
FPGA-chip mounted on a self-developed Expansion Pack. The FPGA will be
connected to the I/O-interface (I have this from an App. note from Compaq).
I have to be able to read/write to the FPGA, and I have to be able to react
on an interrupt from the FPGA (Expansion Pack).

My questions are:
1. What is the correct form of implementation...
2. ... Do I have to develop a driver, and if yes which type of driver
(Native / Stream driver)??
3. ... if I have to use an driver how do I then use this driver (I meen from
the application)??
4. ... and if not how do I then communicate with the FPGA??...

Best regards, and Thanks!

Martin Sch?nwandt
Engineering-student at University of Southern Denmark.



outlook crashed and a note lost its content.
the note contained a drawing and was sincronized with a pda.
when OL went down the note sincronized with tyhe pda also so i have two copies of a blank note.

the size of the blank note is 6Kb so the content is still in. BUT INVISIBLE.

Please, someone tell me that i can recover the note!!  and HOW!

Sorry for this but i'm in a hurry! it's urgent.

thank you to everyone who spent time reading this!

PS Sorry also for my english!

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