PPC newbie needs help with ActiveSync implementation...

PPC newbie needs help with ActiveSync implementation...

Post by PeteR Blumentha » Fri, 14 Sep 2001 01:52:18

Hello group.  This is probably really easy to do, but i could use a few
pointers.  I need to build something that works along similar lines to
AvantGo, but without the need for the user to be able to subscribe and
unsubscribe to a variety of channels (each user will either be a subscribed
or not).

Essentially, from a web based interface i would like the user to be able to
subscribe/unsubscribe from this service (in much the same way you would with
an AvantGo channel, using your desktop machine).  If subscribed, every time
they sync their PPC i want it to check a URL, and if it's been changed or
updated to then transfer those changes to an image of the site held on the
user's PPC.

Apologies if this is a really *stupid* question.  I am not experienced in
developing for the PPC, and despite having spent the day looking for info on
this have pretty much drawn a blank.  Any help (even if it's info on where
to find the relevant info:) will be very much appreciated.



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