GRID: Force Selection

GRID: Force Selection

Post by Alek » Sat, 16 Nov 2002 20:19:45


 I'm working with the grid control, everithing is ok
but I need to optimize a simple thing...

How can i *FORCE* the user to select only single rows from the grid?

Thanks in advance!


1. CE grid control and Row-Selection property AND grid speed

        I have the selection style of a grid set to select an entire row. This
works fine for me except for one thing: Each time I select a row, the
previously selected row(s) will STAY selected. I just want a single row
highlighted and selected each time I click on one. Is there a property
to turn off "Multi-Select" and still have row-based selection? If not,
what's a (the?) proper method of clearing the highlighted rows?

- Tom

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