USB Driver and Win XP

USB Driver and Win XP

Post by Phil » Fri, 02 May 2003 03:38:44

Has anyone experienced problems with the USB driver and
connection for a Pocket PC device being installed under
an XP Admin account and when the user connects under an
account without admin rights, the device does not find
the driver an tries to re-install?

1. iPaq USB driver for XP

I've recently upgraded from a serial cradle to a USB cradle at home, and
initially had some trouble getting Win XP (Pro) to recognise the iPaq when
connected via USB.  After some fiddling, I managed to get it working, but
the driver used looks to be quite old to me.  The details:

Device - Compaq iPAQ USB Sync
Provider:  Microsoft
Date:        17/12/1999
Signer:    Not digitally signed

Driver files:

Provider:    Microsoft Corp
File Version:    1.02.102300.0
Copyright:  Microsoft
Digital Signer:  Microsoft Windows XP Publisher

Can someone compare this to theirs and let me know if it's out of date??
And if it is where do I obtain an updated driver??  I've searched the Compaq
site and Windows Update with no luck.

Many thanks,


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