iPAQ 3970 platform to use with Platform Builder

iPAQ 3970 platform to use with Platform Builder

Post by Richard » Wed, 19 Mar 2003 05:37:24


I am writing a network card driver for the iPAQ 3970.  I am using Platform
Builder 3.0 to compile my driver.  What is the platform I must use to compile
it.  I tried the ARM720 and the SA1100 and it does not seem to work.  Do I
have to use Platform Builder 4.0


Richard G.

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1. iPAQ serial download service problem (Platform Builder 4.1)


I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight to my conundrum.
In short,
I cannot get my iPAQ 3870 to speak to my PC using serial
communications in Platform Builder 4.1.  Interestingly enough,
ActiveSync communicates perfectly using the same com1 and serial

Here are the specifics:

iPAQ: 3870, SA1110

compaq deskpro
win200 professional
Platform Builder 4.1

serial, com1

Thanks In Advance

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