iPAQ work in terminal server?

iPAQ work in terminal server?

Post by Dave Olszewsk » Wed, 18 Apr 2001 05:11:17

Has anyone ever been able to get MS ActiveSync 3.1 to work in the terminal
server environment?  We have had great success with the Palm Pilot PDA
device and thin client terminals, however activesync does not like the com
port redirection (com1 to com4).  I just can't seem to get a stable contant
connection through com 4. Every once in awhile it will connect for a few
minutes than drop all togther.

 Any help would greatly be appreciated


1. It works - O2 GPRS Terminal Server Connection

Like a number of you I've been a frustrated owner of an iPAQ 3870 and a
Nokia 6310 trying to get GPRS over Bluetooth  working with a Terminal
Services session and creating a VPN connection. Well it looks as though O2
(BT Cellnet) have finally opened up their firewall to allow a Terminal
Services connection through...

I am however still waiting for the VPN connection to work


Peter Manley

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