Developing Sales force Automation on Pocket PC / .Net Compact Frame work

Developing Sales force Automation on Pocket PC / .Net Compact Frame work

Post by Ahmed Ez » Thu, 12 Jun 2003 01:39:27

hi all,
i am developing my graduation project which is an ofline mobile sales force
automation with CRM and BI back end
i have some problems
first problem is time :( i should finish that as soon as possible
now technial problems
first i want to decide what techniq u shuld use for developing the database
for the application considring that it should be synchronized to a SQL
Server database
second i need some help in synchornization
i have though of using XML file on the handheld device and synchronize by
sending the xml file as tcp packets and reconstruct it in the PC
but i faced problem is that i can't send TCP packets through the dock
station and i can't afford to buy a network interface
now i am stuck in deciding how my database should be in the handheld and how
should i synchronize it
plz if anyone can help me fast also if any codes or resouerces are available
thanks in advace

Ahmed Ezz


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