Wanted: Beta testers for Expense Tracking application

Wanted: Beta testers for Expense Tracking application

Post by pocketPCinf » Sun, 08 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I've developed an Expense Tracking application for the PocketPC similar to
Palm's "Expense" program.  I've tested the application on my iPaq device,
however, I need to find some beta testers who are willing to test the
software on other PocketPC hardware platforms.  So, if you have an HP,
Casio, or other PPC device and would like to do some beta testing, please

name, email address, and PocketPC hardware platform.




1. Beta testers wanted for Mileage Tracking App

We are about to release a new Mileage Tracking app for the PocketPC and we
are looking for beta testers. If you're interested in testing out this app
and are willing to take the time to give us constructive feedback, we'll
give you a complimentary copy at the conclusion of the beta testing. If

name and Pocket PC model (e.g., Casio E500, iPAQ, Jornada, etc.).


ScaryBear Software

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