Loading BMP Files and RLE BMP Files?

Loading BMP Files and RLE BMP Files?

Post by Michael Forbi » Mon, 18 Feb 2002 07:54:26

I have seen several questions regarding BMP file loading and

I have a sample program with source that loads BMP files and adds RLE
support to the CE platforms.  The program loads BMP files from disk and
displays them in the main window.

It automatically adds proportional scrollbars to the window if needed.  The
code compiles and runs on all of the emulators and was tested HPC2000
(Jornado 720) and PPC2002 (Jornada 568).  The code also compiles for Win32
and runs on 95,98,NT,2K and XP.

The example executables are compiled with my DIB library that supports RLE
compression on all of the above platforms and uses CreateDIBSection().  The
sample source code uses a the LoadImage() and SHLoadDIBitmap() routines and
do not support RLE compression.

Download if your interested at: