SIP Description Text

SIP Description Text

Post by Tony » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 04:58:24

I have created a Software-based Input Panel. I would like
to know where I put my text description that will get
displayed when the user chooses the Options menu?

If you choose the built in letter recognizer or the block
recognizer you will see a description in the center of the
display. This is the text I would like to know about.
Where do I return this for display?



1. Q: Display SIP in kiosk mode without SIP or Start button


I'm developping an application which uses kiosk mode.
But every time I display the current input panel,
the sip button and the windows start button are
also displayed. Then the user can start another program,
which is not desired.

How can I use a SIP keyboard without displaying
Sip button or Start button?

Thank you for your help

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