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Kilmist announces the availability of free upgrade - Kilmist Registry Editor
2.0 and Kilmist Storage Analyzer 1.5
Kilmist Registry Editor now supports all the advanced data types (Big
Endian, Little Endian, Resourcelist). Kilmist offers a free upgrade for
existing valued customers. Download version 2.0 from
www.kilmist.com/Downloads . Please don't forget to uninstall the previous
version before you install the new version of the product and your old
registration key works fine.

If you don't own a registry editor yet and wondering when you will use a
registry editor. Here are some occassions that makes a registry editor

Pocket IE on PPCs support 128bit encryption but most secure sites that
you'll try to access will verify your IE version. Since PIE returns version
3.02, you will most likely get bounced. An easy alternative is to dig in the
registry for the IE info and modify it to IE5.0 and NT5 for the platform.
After doing this little mod you'll be able to access secure sites from your
PPC. For the instructions on how to modify your PIE read

Modify your Pocket IE version:
Enable ClearTypeText:
Remove the Character Recognizer from your input menu:
Third party software corrupted your registry? or left out all the install
information after uninstall? - Just clean up your registry.
Third party software corrupted your active sync connectivity? - Edit your
registry and get back in business.
Explore your own reason to use registry for just $14.99 and you are entitled
for free future upgrades.


1. **** ANN: Kilmist ships Registry Editor 2.5 *****

Kimist Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of Kilmist
Registry Editor 2.5.

Registry is the most important repository of information about your Pocket
PC and Kilmist Registry Editor helps immensely in editing, searching, fixing
and export/import (backup/restore) of this information. Kilmist Registry
Editor makes registry management an easy affair on the Pocket PC.  It is a
full-featured application providing the complete functionality of desktop
registry editor and more. Please visit http://www.kilmist.com/RegistryEditor
for more information and reviews etc.. You can download or purchase the
software from http://www.kilmist.com/Downloads

Key Features:
* Add, Edit, Rename and Delete keys and values from the registry
* Support for all value types (String, Multiple Strings, Expand String,
Number, Big Endian, Little Endian, Resource List and Binary types)
* Copy, Cut and Paste multiple values at a time
* Powerful Search to find strings in keys, values and/or data.  Search also
supports 'Match Whole String Only' and 'Case Sensitive' searches
* Convenient context sensitive menus to perform edit operations
* Export values and sub-keys under a selected key (or whole registry) to a
text file
* Import values and keys from an exported text file
* The 'Favorites' feature lets users add/delete shortcuts to certain keys in
the registry and get to them quickly
* Incorporated .reg file association with Kilmist Registry Editor
application. Clicking on '.reg' files in file explorer will invoke the
Registry Editor application and ask to import the selected file.

Thank you

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