WiFi ActiveSync guide?

WiFi ActiveSync guide?

Post by Sooner A » Wed, 29 Jan 2003 06:02:34

This PocketPC Passion thread may be of interest...



> Can anyone point me to a good setup guide for doing ActiveSync over WiFi?

> The iPAQ 5450 docs only discuss doing it over Bluetooth, not WiFi.

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1. My Restore guide for ActiveSync

After spending a day trying to restore my PPC I decided to write down
the procedure so that next time it may be a bit quicker.

This has been written to restore using a Bluetooth connection.


Step 1 'Preparing the PPC'

1.      Hard reset the PPC. Remove any external power. Hold Down both
the Calendar & iTask buttons, whilst holding these down press the
reset button.
2.      Remove and replace the battery. Plug in external power and
press the reset button. PPC should now be fully reset.
3.      VERY IMPORTANT! ActiveSync will only restore if the backup
data and PPC have the same region settings. Ie. If the backup was made
with the PPCs region settings set to 'English (United Kingdom)' and if
you try to restore it to the same PPC but the region setting has
defaulted to 'English (United States)', you will get an error saying
it can't restore.
Therefore on the PPC navigate to Start:Settings:System:Regional
Settings and select the correct region.

Step 2 'Pairing Devices'

1.      Turn on Bluetooth on PPC.
2.      Double Click in the Bluetooth Configuration in the Windows
Taskbar on PC.
3.      Expand tree to the Pocket_PC, right click and select 'Pair
4.      Enter a pass key on the PC. At this point the PPC should
prompt you for the same pass key.
5.      After entering the pass key the two devices are paired.

Step 3 'Establishing ActiveSync'

1.      On PPC select New:Connect! From the Bluetooth Manager window.
2.      Select the 'ActiveSync via Bluetooth' option.
3.      Select the PC that you have just paired with.
4.      Very Important! When the PC asks what kind of partnership you
want select 'Guest Partnership'.

Step 4 'Starting Restore'

1.      On the PC select ActiveSync
Tools:Backup/Restore:Restore:Restore Now.
If you get an error saying that it can't restore to a different device
than you have not selected the correct Regional settings. See Step 1
Part 3.

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