Time Stamp

Time Stamp

Post by L. Woller » Thu, 28 Dec 2000 01:49:00

On a previous incarnation of windows ce I had the ability to put a time stamp
into a cell on excell. This was useful for maintaining my time sheets, ( started
travel to customer...arrived at customer...finished working...) I have not found
this function in ce3.0. Does it exist? How to do it? I know about the now
function but, as this updates the cell everytime the sheet is opened it is not
what I need for a running time tracking sheet. TIA

1. How can I get ActiveSync to not change file date & time stamp on transfer???

This is my second try at asking this question. If anybody has an answer,
your help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a problem with ActiveSync when trying to transfer files from my
desktop to my Ipaq. I'm transferring database files which are date
sensitive. I go to explorer on my desktop, copy, then paste into the PPC
folder in active sync. The files transfer fine, but the date on the files in
the PPC all have the time and date of the transfer, and not the date of the
original file.

Is there any way to transfer files without changing the date stamp?


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