ANN: ListMaker version 1.5 available by ScaryBear Software

ANN: ListMaker version 1.5 available by ScaryBear Software

Post by ScaryBear Softwar » Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:35:30

ListMaker version 1.5 is now available from ScaryBear Software with the
following improvements:

- Automatic database recovery in the event of a device hard-reset
- ClearType text support option available for displaying more readable text
on the screen (for most Pocket PC devices)

Please visit for more details and screenshots.


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1. ANN: SuperCalendar version 1.5 released by ScaryBear Software

SuperCalendar version 1.5 has just been released with the following

- All 6 rows of a calendar are drawn for all months

- Checking the "Show All Dates" option will show the
  date an associated icons for all dates on the current
  month view screen

- Significant speed improvement when switching between

- Doing a "Tap-n-Hold" on a day in the month view will
  bring up a popup window showing that day's appointments
  in a abbreviated display

- Using a new Desktop PC Installer program to install the

- The Appointment edit form now shows the currently
  selected date when creating a new appointment
  (instead of using Today's date as the default)

For an update to the software, more details, or screenshots, please visit


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