Developer support for new PocketPC os

Developer support for new PocketPC os

Post by Susan Loh [MS » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 05:55:41

The problem is that Microsoft does not have the ability to give you an
upgrade.  Windows CE is not like desktop Windows, where you can just plunk
it down on any generic hardware and expect it to work.  The desktop Windows
CD's you get include drivers and other hardware-specific code for just
about all the hardware in the entire world (an exaggeration but not by
much).  Windows CE doesn't have that.  PocketPC OEMs get the OS, add in
their own drivers and platform code, then put that together into an "image"
that gets flashed onto your device.  So the ONLY way to get an OS that
works on your device is from the device manufacturer.

More questions like this are answered here:


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I recently discovered that Microsoft has released the
newest version of the Pocket PC operating system,
Microsoft Mobile 2003. I was very disappointed to learn
however, that the PocketPC that I just purchased, a
Toshiba e740 would not be eligible to receive the upgrade,
nor is Toshiba distributing it to e740 owners. (Or any
model before the e750)

In accordance with a recent Microsoft statement on an MSDN
website about the great viewsonic giveaway:

Q.  Why is Microsoft giving away Pocket PCs?  

A.  Microsoft believes that developers are vital to
driving success for the mobile industry...

I would like to know if and when Microsoft will be making
this OS available to MSDN subscribers or just regular
developers so that we may test new development on
hardware. While it's great that we have the SDK, without
being able to test our development work on an actual
device with the correct OS, we are really just opening the
door for problems.

Since there are probably thousands of other developers
that already have PocketPCs that the OEM doesn't feel
inclined to upgrade, I believe that Microsoft needs to
provide us with the tools that we need to continue
promoting mobile development. Namely, the OS to develop



1. Palm OS Developer has question for PocketPC developers

For several years I've written applications for the Palm OS platform.
During that time I've used an Emulator that was written by one person
and then others helped. I've grown used to using tools that worked
even when they were beta releases. The development tools quickly
became just about bullet proof (They do what you want them to do).
The Palm OS newsgroups are pouring out with thousands of developers
sharing there knowlege. Just do a search in any of them for just about
any keyword you can think of regarding programming and you will find
somthing was written.

Here I am making a decision to also support the Pocket PC platform
from Microsoft. I'm spending 4 times the money for hardware and software.
Yes, I said software as the Embeded tools Emulator require NT or higher.
I'm using Windows XP. Where as the Palm Emulator will run on Win98 or higher
with no special requirements.

Knowing that Microsoft is such a powerful company with many resources
that are suppost to be experts) and more funding availible than any other
comapany, I have a couple of questions.

Why do all you developers of Pocket PC put up with such crappy software

Do you really believe Microsoft knows what they are doing or just faking it
until they do?

Where is the best place to go for answers?
Or, does Microsoft simply force you to give them more money before they give
answers to their mistakes?

I know this sounds fustrating and I will find find these answers as some of
you have.
I the same as others will need the help of the development community to get
Hopefully the development tools will get better. If not, I don't see myself
jumping ship unless the development community can compensate for the lack of
thought out development tools.


Cliff Jones - Narly Software

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