ANN: Siberian Strike X Reviewed

ANN: Siberian Strike X Reviewed

Post by pdaBlast » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 04:53:40

Siberian Strike X: Blast Your Way to The Finish
from pocketpcBlast!


1. ANN: Tekguru updated - riteMail 2 reviewed.

Tekguru update:

The Tekguru is happy to release news of new Pocket PC Software Reviews
which are now
available at the Tekguru web site:

The reviews are of:

- riteMail 2

Remember Tekguru is the No 1 Pocket PC Web site in the UK and contains

- Latest Pocket PC News
- Reviews: Hardware and Software
- Pocket PC Tutorials

So please feel free to pop along for a visit.

The UKs largest Pocket PC Site:

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