PPC Inbox and Domino

PPC Inbox and Domino

Post by Andy Mulhear » Sun, 06 May 2001 07:41:07

> Hi, I am trying to use PPC inbox with my Domino server and am having =
> difficulty.=20
> I know I need to go via Outlook and have it synch with Domino first but
> fail when=20
> trying to send email from PPC via Activesynch. Can anyone help?

You need a third party tool such as Cadenza from www.commontime.com or
Intelisynch from www.pumatech.com. There are a few others but I don't have
links to hand.

If you're happy to use Outlook for tasks, contacts and everything but mail
then I would see if you can get your admin people to enable either IMAP or
POP as these work well from PPC to Domino.

Going the iNotes route (which you can use to allow Outlook to access Domino
direct) is a non starter - I wasted a week banging my head against that
particular brick wall.

Last hope is EasySynch Pro but that is already two months late :((


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