Aero Yet again

Aero Yet again

Post by Geof » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Somehow in the process of mucking around trying to fix a bug with the Sync
feature, I managed to smoke the Contacts in CE. I was under the impression that
the Windows Files in CE were rom and could not be deleted or over written without
flashing. Yet some how, I can no longer brig up the Contacts Section or Calender
for that matter???? Ideas? It's and Aero 2100 running CE? Help :)


1. Aero "1650" Wish List (was : Aero vs Aero )

Can't see technically why not...a colour LCD screen should not be bigger
than the b/w screen...only more expensive unless no one manufactures it in
that form factor...the faster cpu should also be a small issue...
the only problem i foresee is battery life since a colour screen will
consume more power...they could always redesign the battery like a mobile
phone...with a flushed clip on slim battery for size and a bigger bulged out
battery for "extended" use...saves the battery cover and increases
capacity... oh yes...stereo sound please!

if only compaq see it worthwhile to proceed on this line but they will know
this product will defintely cannabalise the ipaq market...

as for the speed, not an issue since surprisingly, the 70Mhz is still pretty
fast on the pocket pc platform, so if they need to give up something for the
colour, the 70Mhz can remain....

as i said earlier , the ipaq is great if not for the fact you need to buy a
sleeve to use a CF far as I am concerned, the CF is  a very
important feature since the 16MB/32MB fills up very quickly (esp with MP3
songs) ...the sleeve adds unnecessary space AND cost as well...hopefully if
the Aero 1650 is not possible, how about an Ipaq deluxe with a built in CF
slot, that is thicker than the present one but still thinner than the

hold fast to dreams ....: - )

PS : If replying directly, pls delete "x" from my e-mail address.

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