Com Port

Com Port

Post by Bernard Poerschk » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 20:24:08

I am writing some code using the Com port. Every time that the programme
crashes during debug it does not close the com port resulting in the need to
reboot the Pocket PC and sometimes the host computer. I am using eVB on a
Pocket PC 2002 (no SP loaded at this stage). The PPC is an NEC P300. Can
anyone help with some code to reset the port from another programme that I
can load on the PPC?



1. ActiveSync: Com port reset

I have installed V3.7 of ActiveSync, and I use Bluetooth to connect my iPAQ
to laptop.

In the connection settings in ActiveSync I select COM6 as my BT com port and
it works fine.

However, every time I restart my laptop, the com port in ActiveSync is reset
to COM1. Does anyone else see this behaviour...? Any ideas what I need to do
to fix it, so that AS retains the com port settings..?



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