Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC Model 3835

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC Model 3835

Post by Todd Ogasawara, MVP Mobile Device » Tue, 01 Jan 2002 12:16:08

0. FYI:  Road Runner is your cable ISP.
1. See if this helps you sync with Outlook Express. Note that Outlook
Express only has Mail & Contacts info, no Calendar or Tasks.
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Quote:> I have Road Runner as my server and outlook express for my
> mail.  I would like to know if Model 3835 will work this
> software.


1. Compaq iPaq 3835 Pocket PC Questions

I'm thinking about buying a Compaq iPaq 3835 Pocket PC and I was wondering
about a few things...

1) It the button below the mic a reset button?
2) Is the SD slot fully SDIO compliant?
3) Is the color depth 4K or 64K (I've seen both quoted)?
4) How does the screen compare to newer models?
5) Is the battery hard to replace oneself?
6) Does a cradle and screen cover come as standard?
7) Any big problems with this model?

That's enough for now I think! ;-)

Thanks in advance.

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