ANN: Napier 1.5

ANN: Napier 1.5

Post by Ralph Brow » Wed, 31 Jan 2001 14:48:02


First a big thanks to Lilla for pointing out that the button display in
Napier wasn't correct on iPAQs. It turned out to be a compiler bug in eVC++
for ARM. If you're interested, there's a long post giving the details in the
developer group.

This is fixed in 1.5, rearranging the code made it go away.

That's the only change in 1.5. I'll get putting out a new version with the
new features people asked for when I get back from vacation in a couple of
weeks. (Costa Rica is a lot warmer than Boston in Feb.)


Napier, a multifunction calculator for PocketPC - check it out at

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1. ********* ANN: KILMIST STORAGE ANALYZER UPGRADE 1.5 *************

Kilmist announces the availability of free upgrade - Kilmist Storage
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Kilmist Storage Analyzer now supports multi-language storage card names. All
our existing valued customers are entitled for an free upgrade of version
1.5. Download version 1.5 from . Please don't
forget to uninstall the previous version before you install the new version
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If you are using Pocket PC , you will need a Storage Analyzer to manage the
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