Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Post by Amit » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 08:23:21

Hi Ppl,
         I am new to the development of PocketPC. Could
you please help me out how to play a media file without
downloading it on the device from the server. I mean the
media file is on the server(Web Server) and when the user
will click in the html link he should be able to play the
media file without downloading it on the device.
       I know we can achieve this on Pocket Tv with .m1u
files but the concept of .m1u files didnt works for media
        An urgent help is highly appreciated.

1. Windows Media Encoder / Windows Media Player

Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem with one/both of the above programs... I'm trying
to convert some of my MP3 files from my desktop PC using Win Media Encoder
(WME) to .wma format to reduce the file size so I can fit more on my Pocket
PC. Within WME I'm using the convert file wizard, set to Pocket PC and
therefore about 70kps? The conversion seems to work and the file size is
about a third of what it was. The new file plays ok on the dektop PC. I
transfer the file using explore in AS. When I click on the file in the
PocketPC, Win Media Player comes up with the following error:

Windows Media Player cannot find the file.
You may not be connected to the network,
the file may have been moved, or you may have
entered an incorrect file name or path.

If I copy the original mp3 across in the same manner to the same directory
that plays fine.

Also, not as important as the above, but I did the same and converted a
short .avi clip. This plays on the PocketPC, but without sound. The sound
works ok when played on the desktop PC.

Any ideas?


Paul W

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